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Sleeping Beauty (1959)


Sleeping Beauty (1959)

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by Janet Hill

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Imam Mosque, formerly known as Shah Mosque is a mosque in Isfahan, Iran standing in south side of Naghsh-i Jahan Square.

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Fairuz in tour in Paris @ la Salle Pleyel 2002
Rare shoots from a promoting clip, broadcasted on a french TV channel

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Happy 85th Birthday Miss Audrey Kathleen Hepburn (4th May 1929 -  ) - Mother, Humanitarium, Actress, Fashion icon, Angel.
"Audrey was a lady with an elegance and charm that was unsurpassed, except by her love for underprivileged children all over the world. God has a most beautiful new angel now that will know just what to do in heaven." - Elizabeth Taylor
“There is no doubt that the princess did become a queen—-not only on the screen. One of the most loved, one of the most skillful, one of the most intelligent, one of the most sensitive, charming actresses—-and friends, in my life—-but also in the later stages of her life, the UNICEF ambassador to the children of the world. The generosity, sensitivity, the nobility of her service to the children of the world and the mothers of the world will never be forgotten.” - Gregory Peck
What is needed in order to really become a star is an extra element which God gives you or doesn’t give you.  You’re born with it.  You cannot learn it.  God kissed Audrey Hepburn on the cheek and there she was." - Billy Wilder

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